Cosmetic Fillings at
The Hub Dental Practice
In Milton Keynes

We offer a choice of Composite, Ceramic and Amalgam Fillings. We use the very latest and best materials and we regular attend courses related to Cosmetic Dentistry. 91% of our fillings are now composite, about 9% ceramic and less than 1% Amalgam.

All our dentists are very experienced and have been trained to use the latest Dental Composite and Dental Adhesive materials.

Every year, just like computers, Dental Composite and Dental Adhesive materials, improve, and keeping up is essential if we want to offer our patients the best.

This why we are constantly using newer materials and techniques, and why we frequently go on post graduate courses and training sessions.

An example is shades. 5 years ago the number of Composite shades was about 1/4 of what we now use. Likewise the number and types of adhesives has multiplied.