Investing in Our Patient's Dental Care in Milton Keynes.

Dentistry is going through a very fast paced series of improvements to the treatments and materials available.

At the Hub Dental Practice we are committed to staying at the forefront of modern dentistry. We are not alone; many of the Modern Private Practices have also moved forward, keeping the traditional values of service and professionalism and continuously developing their skills.

We are not embarrassed to admit that we have copied the best practices that we admire. We are not ashamed to say that we have "stolen" some good ideas that other dentists have implemented.

For Many dentists this is the most exciting period to be a member of the profession.

Here are some of the ways we are staying at the forefront of Modern Dental Care.

1. In the last 5 years we have invested over £2,000,000 in our practices. This has allowed us to create a modern dental facility with the very latest equipment.

We now offer Laser Treatments for Gum Disease and for Oral Surgery

We are, for example, the only dental practice in Milton Keynes that offers both 3D CT X-rays scanner as well as the very latest in Cerec CAD Dental Crowns and Restorations.

In fact we have just added another Cerec machine so that we can keep up with our patient demand. This means we are the ONLY practice in Milton Keynes with the latest Cerec Technology.

We encourage patients to take a digital copy of their Xrays and almost all patients have their Xrays sent to them by email as soon as they are taken. This helps to reduce radiation dosage as Xrays do not have to be repeated.

We also offer Ozone Therapy.

2. We have diversified our clinical team to include clinicians with a very focused and up to date knowledge of modern dentistry, and who have a commitment to Life Long Professional Development.

3. We have maintained our 35 years of commitment to 7 Day Dental Care. Indeed Sunday is now one of our busiest days!!

4. Whilst all our clinicians can provide a full range of dental care, each of them has developed "skills of excellence" in particular fields. So for example Gul is very focused on cosmetic treatments, Kostas is achieving fantastic Orthodontic Results, Jaime is carrying out Advanced Implant Treatments, Monica is an expert in Composite Restorations, We offer Endodontic Treatments under Microscope and Rubber Dam, which is second to none.

This is why our dentists will often ask a colleague to come in to discuss a particular case, so that our patients can get the very best advice and he best clinical outcome.

5. We want to offer Dental Care in the Safest Environment. This is why we use the very latest and lowest dosage techniques and Xray Equipment. It is why all our Cross Infection Controls are audited EVERY DAY. It is why we never miss a chance to improve the service we offer our patients.

These are some of the reasons why

We are now the Largest Private Dental Practice in Milton Keynes
More than 21,000 patients every year trust us with their Dental Care

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Digital Orthodontic Scanner

" According to the latest developments in digital dentistry, we use the latest model of Medit intra oral scanner to get digital impressions for our lingual orthodontic patients. No discomfort due to impression trays and materials, accurate representation of the dental occlusion, speed in acquiring the desired results"

Watch the video and find out more.