Special Dental Treatment Offers For Everyone in Milton Keynes

Our Special offers are available to new and existing patients. UNLIKE most dental practices who restrict special offers to new patients, we believe that special offers are a way of rewarding our existing loyal patents as well!!

Our philosophy of ALWAYS offering Great Value, is one of the reasons why we are now the Largest Private Practice in Milton Keynes

Dental Hygienist Special Offer

Simple scale and Polish with the Dental Hygienist
Normally £45
Special offer Price £35
(Available for regular patients who see the Hygienist every 3/4 months)

Direct Access to Dental Hygienist Special Offer

Make an Appointment for a Spring Clean
Just See The Hygienist
Only £45.00 for a Scale and Polish

Tooth Whitening Special Offer

Home Whitening (Trays)
Normally £275
Special offer Price £225

We have been doing Tooth Whitening for almost 20 years and we have seen all the fads over the last few years.

Experience tells us that Power Whitening (with lights and Lasers) gives a quick Whitening effect however the effect only lasts a short period and most of the improvement disappears after about 2 weeks.

On the other hand the tray systems take a long time but the results are better and last far longer.

We also advise patients before they start the treatment to use a special Toothpaste that is high in Fluoride

The reason we do this is that there is less sensitivity and the final result is achieved much more quickly and result is much longer lasting.

Patients should understand that Tooth Whitening does not work for every patient and

We offer no Warranty or Guarantee of an improvement.