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Providing Dental Care and Specialist Orthodontics in Milton Keynes for over 30 years

We offer High Quality and Affordable Orthodontic Treatment

We offer easy options for payment including Interest Free Credit

We are available 7 days a week

We welcome regulars, new patients and those with their own dentist elsewhere who just want Orthodontic Treatment.

With Orthodontic Specialist

We offer a Free Orthodontic Consultation (with Specialist)

We have to say that without x-rays it is normally not usually possible to give any definitive treatment plan, and/or have any idea of what is going on under the teeth, and/or know what the condition of the periodontal structures are.

Therefore we encourage patients to bring any previous x-rays with them or we can, if needed, take them ourselves.

Costs associated with Orthodontic Consultations explained

Small Radiographs £9.00 each if required
Large Radiographs £35.00 each if required

Reasonable Fees and Payment Plans

The Milton Keynes Orthodontic Practice aims to be as open with our fees as possible. We like patients to have as much information in advance and make sure there are no surprises.

Orthodontics is usually quite expensive and we realise that patients make their decision on costs as well as quality.

We also recognise that all the local Orthodontic Practices offer high quality care so it makes sense to "Shop Around"

A major reason for choosing us is that we offer late evening and weekend Appointments at no extra charge.

We will normally at least match another Orthodontist's Orthodontic Treatment Plan Costing.

Also because we are a "One Stop" Dental Practice we can offer the full range of treatments and patients avoid the extra costs of going to various diferent practices.

Our Orthodontic Treatment Charges

We offer a Free Orthodontic Consultation and at the end the patient will get a written treatment plan with choices and costings for treatment options.

Cost: £0.00

Patients pay £25.00 to make the appointment and the £25.00 deposit will then be is refunded on arrival for the appointment.
Treatment Guide Fee Average Fee
Metal Braces for 1 arch From £2000 £2500
Metal Braces for 2 archs From £2500 £3000
Tooth Coloured Clarity Braces for 1 arch From £3000 £3500
Tooth Coloured Clarity Braces for 2 arches From £3000 £3500
Full Invisalign for 1 arch From £3000 £3450
Full Invisalign for 2 arches From £4500 £4500
i7 Invisalign From £1500 £2050
Incognito Braces (Lingual) 1 arch From £4000 £4150
Incognito Braces (Lingual) 2 arches From £5000 £6500
Damon Braces 2 arches From £4000 £4150
Bonded Retainers per arch £250 £250
Removeable Retainers per arch £150 £150

Invisalign Special Offer

Call 01908690326
to book your appointment
Up to £1000 off Invisalign
Invisalign from £2500

Registered Dentist (GDC) and Specialist Orthodontists

Our team is an experienced friendly group of colleagues who are dedicated to providing the highest standard of Orthodontic Treatment in a relaxed environment.

Dr Konstantinos (Kostas) Tzamalas
GDC registration: 104523

Dr. Konstantinos (Kostas) Tzamalas D.D.S (Ath), MSc (KCL), MOrth RCS (Edin)

Specialist Orthodontist

GDC registration number: 104523

Konstantinos graduated from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in 1997. After one year of military service in the Oral Surgery Department of the Naval Cadet Officers Academy in Athens, Konstantinos worked as a general practitioner at his private practice.

In 2007 he moved to Germany where he trained for two years at a specialist orthodontic center in Rheda-Wiedenbrueck. Between 2010-2013 he successfully completed the Master of Science Degree in Orthodontics at the prestigious Guy's Hospital in London.

He has worked as a postgraduate student at King's College Hospital and holds a membership in Orthodontics from the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh.

Kostas offers a variety of orthodontic treatments and he is a certified Invisalign (clear aligners) and Incognito (lingual braces) provider.

He is a very busy provider of Orthodontic Treatment at our practice and enjoying the challenge of difficult orthodontic cases.

Konstantinos offers all the aspects of contemporary orthodontic treatments and he is certified in the E-Line, Incognito systems (lingual braces) as well as in Invisalign ( invisible aligners).

Konstantinos is a candidate for the Master of Science in Lingual Orthodontics in the University of Ferrara, Italy, held by Professor G.Scuzzo, one of the lead lingual orthodontists worldwide.

Konstantinos belongs to the young generation of lingual orthodontists that truly believe adult and young patients should be able to enjoy invisible braces without having to change there day to day activities.

He is the also the main provider of Invisalign at our practice and provides the full range of Invisalign treatments.

Konstantinos is enjoying the challenge of difficult orthodontic cases with special interest in the long term maintanance of the final results.


Member of the British Orthodontic Society
Member of the British Lingual Orthodontic Society
Member of the World Federation of Orthodontists
Member of the Greek Orthodontic and Oral Surgery Society
Member of the European Orthodontic Society
Member of the Greek Orthodontic Society of Clear Aligners

To make an appointment please ring 01908 690326 or 01223 363277 or email us on

Dr Teodora Dimitrova
Dentist with Special Interest in Invisalign and Cosmetic Dentistry
GDC registration: 261527

Teodora provides most of the Invisalign Go cases in the practice. but also provides general dentistry as well.

Additional Orthodontic skills and competencies:

-placement of attachments
-removing attachments
-knowledge in Clincheck and IPR procedures
-knowledge in Invisaling aligners
-Fitting and adjustment majority of the orthodontic removable,functional appliances
-Twin Block
-The Herbst Appliance
-expansion activator
-fitting bonded/permanent retainers
-repairs of permanents retainers
-knowledge in Essix retainers

Additional skills and competencies:

• Experience of advising patients on healthy life style
• Broad knowledge of nutritional supplements and medication that are important for dental health
• Languages: Bulgarian, English, Romanian, Serbian,

To make an appointment please ring 01908 690326 or 01223 363277 or email us on

Dr Aurela Doru
DMD Targu Mures 2014
Specialist Orthodontist
GDC registration: 262409

Aurela is a very experienced specialist Orthodontist who provides the full range of orthodontic treatments including Invisalign.

Selection of courses

May 2007 Step advanced Course,Lecturer Dr.Massimo Lupoli

June 2007 Asymetries in dento-maxillary anomalies,Prof. Marie-Jose Boileau (France)

October 2007 Treatment of Open Bite and High Angle Malocclusions by R.G. “Wick” Alexander

November 2008 Straight Wire Technique II,first permanent molar extraction case

May 2009 Invisalign ,by Dr.Friedrich O.Widu and Thomas Helling

June 2009 Principle of Standart Edgewise-Directional Force
Mechanotherapy .Class I first premolar extraction case,by
Prof.Dr.Richard Singer and Dr.William Jack Mann

May 2013 Incognito Appliance System,Dr.(H) Esfandiar Modjahedpour

May 2014 Advanced concepts in the straight wire treatment Philosophy,by Prof.Dr. Davide Mirabella

September 2014 Raising standarts in orthodontics,by Dr. Jay Bowman, Dr.Enzo Pasciuti and Dr.Michael Koufos

October 2014 Getting the best from system 4.0, by Prof.Dr. John Bennett

January 2015 Member of European Orthodontic Society

June 2015 Certificate of attendance of the 91-st Congress of the European Orthodontic Society

November 2015 Inter-Arch Tratment Mecanichs-Class III and Asymetrical Treatment Presented by Dr.Richard McLoughlin

January 2016 GDC registered

March 2016 The orthodontic Treatment of Impacted Teeth Presented by Prof Dr. Adrian Beckerand Prof Dr.Stella Chaushu

April 2016 Specialist GDC list

May 2016 The occlusion,The TMJ and Orthodontic treatment Presented by Dr.Richard P.McLaughlin

June 2016 Lingual orthodontics.clinical applications of digital technology in the lingual orthodontic treatment Lecturer- Dr.Kee-Joon LEE

June 2016 Digital Orthodontics. Clear Aligner.Clinical applications of digital technology In the orthodontic treatment. Lecturer- Dr. Pascal Schumacher

November 2016 IELTS test with score 6

October 2016 Team approach to treatment of dento facial deformities. Principles of perioperative orthodontics and facial planning. For surgery-Prof Dr.Simonas Grybauskas and Prof.Dr. Dalia Latkauskiene

November 2016 The marathon of modern aesthetic dentistry edition 007. A competence in Esthetics event- Dr. Andrea Czimmerman

November 2016 From Orthodontically facilitated periodontics to Periodontally facilitated orthodontics .Lector Raffaele Spena

February 2017 Direct Next Aesthetic congress.Dental Learning

To make an appointment please ring 01908 690326 or 01223 363277 or email us on

Dr Alison Gilmartin,
Dental Surgeon,
Grado en Odontologia Cardenal Herrera University 2018
GDC registration: 279130

Milton Keynes is Alison's home City.

Alison graduated from Cardenal Herrera University in Valencia in 2018.

Alison speaks English and Spanish fluently.

Alison is qualified to provide Invisalign Go and has already finished the training courses.

Alison really enjoys treating children and her young patients really enjoy their appointment. She is patient and happy to spend as much time as it takes.

To make an appointment please ring 01908 690326 or 01223 363277 or email us on

Dr Ivo Zdravkov,
Dental Surgeon,
DDM Craiova 2011
Special Interest in Invisalign
GDC registration: 261381

Ivo is married to Teodora and has just become a daddy to a beautiful daughter.

Ivo is a gentle giant. Patients love his kind reassuring nature. He is a general dentists and not reluctant to advise patients to get specific treatments from other members of the team. This is very important because in our practice we have individual dentists who are amazing at particular treatments.

In addition to general treatments Ivo is also registered provider of Invisalign Go.

-Invisalign Go certificate
-experience In Invisalign cases
-Experience in clincheck
-placement of attachments
-replacement of attachments
-repair of brackets
-experience in placement and repair of bonded wires(fixed retainers)
-removable retainers (includes Vivera retainers and Lab clear retainers)

To make an appointment please ring 01908 690326 or 01223 363277 or email us on

Payment Plans at The Hub Dental Practice in Milton Keynes

Make your dream smile a reality, with 0% finance now available on a range of treatments

Many of our patients are interested in a particular restorative or cosmetic treatment but worried about how they will afford the costs involved.

Why not find out more about our 0% finance packages- available exclusively at Milton Keynes Dental Hygienists Practice.

Our life changing treatments really are affordable for everyone. Transform your smile, and your life, without damaging your bank balance.

We can offer 0% finance on a wide range of Hygienist treatments as well as orthodontics, Invisalign, teeth whitening and dental implants.

Our packages will help to break down what can often be a daunting final total into a series of manageable monthly payments.

How you could benefit from our 0% finance packages:

•Spread the cost of your dental treatment with a number of smaller, regular payments made over a period of months to suit you.
•Our packages are interest free. Borrow only what you need and it won’t cost you any extra.
•Avoid unnecessary bank loans or credit cards which could add significant interest.
•Get the treatment you need or want now, with no need to save slowly over several years.
•The application process is easy and can be completed with our help in the practice. •O% finance is available on a wide range of treatments from £600, up to £25,000.

If you would like to find out more please ask us at your appointment or call our reception staff on 01908 690326

We offer our Patients a full range of options

Our Patients can Pay by:

* Cash. *

* Debit Cards. *

* Credit Cards. *

* A loan for up to 5 years. (Subject to status) *

* Interest Free Credit. (Subject to status) *

* Bank Transfer. *

Patient Finance and Interest Free Credit

We invite patients for a Private and Free Consultation about Finance.

All Credit Arrangements are

Subject to Credit Checks

Provided through Hitachi Finance UK

Dr David and Mrs Nur Gilmartin is a credit broker

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

that has a commercial relationship with the lender Hitachi Capital UK PLC

Dr David and Mrs Nur Gilmartin is unable to provide independent financial advice

Example of payments

Cost of treatmentNumber of monthly payments (Years) Monthly payment Initial Deposit APR Total Payment excluding any deposit
£150012 (1 Year) £125.000% 0% £1500.00
£150024 (2 Years) £67.590% 7.9% £1622.16
£150060 (5 Years) £21.11£450 7.9% £1716.66
£250012 (1 Year) £208.330% 0% £2500.00
£250024 (2 Years) £112.650% 7.9% £2703.60
£250060 (5 Years) £35.18£750 7.9% £2860.80
£400012 (1 Year) £333.330% 0% £4000.00
£400024 (2 Years) £180.240% 7.9% £4325.73
£400060 (5 Years) £56.28£1200 7.9% £3376.93

Latest News
The very Latest
Digital Orthodontic Scanner

" According to the latest developments in digital dentistry, we use the latest model of Medit intra oral scanner to get digital impressions for our lingual orthodontic patients. No discomfort due to impression trays and materials, accurate representation of the dental occlusion, speed in acquiring the desired results"

Watch the video and find out more.