Invisalign In Milton Keynes
at The Hub Dental Practice

Invisalign is the ground-breaking brace that’s responsible for straightening over 5 million smiles. When it launched in 2000, it turned orthodontics on its head and completely transformed the way we move teeth.

Gone are fixed brackets and wires. Instead, the Invisalign brace uses a series of removable aligners to gradually and gently move your teeth into the desired position. Better still, the aligners are completely transparent, so they’re really inconspicuous – even up close.

Dr Konstantinos (Kostas) Tzamalas has been designated "Specialist Orthodontist Practitioner’ status by Invisalign UK, this means that he is highly experienced in treating patients using the various Invisalign clear braces. You can be completely confident that your orthodontic treatment is in very capable hands. Kostas is a perfectionist and takes great pride in creating naturally beautiful smiles. It’s never too late to achieve your perfect smile. Over 5 million people worldwide have improved their smile discreetly with Invisalign, now it’s your turn ! Call us today to start your journey to your dream smile.

It is important to remember that when you are choosing where to have your Invisalign treatment that you choose a dentist who is experienced with these appliances.

Dr Konstantinos (Kostas) Tzamalas is qualified to provide The Full Range of Orthodontic Treatments.

Very Good Reasons to have Invisalign

Watch Your Teeth Change Position in FAST motion simulation

Our Orthodontic Treatment Charges

We offer a Free Orthodontic Consultation and at the end the patient will get a written treatment plan with choices and costings for treatment options.

Cost: £0.00

Patients pay £25.00 to make the appointment and the £25.00 deposit will then be is refunded on arrival for the appointment.
Treatment Guide Fee Average Fee
Metal Braces for 1 arch From £2000 £2500
Metal Braces for 2 archs From £2500 £3000
Tooth Coloured Clarity Braces for 1 arch From £3000 £3500
Tooth Coloured Clarity Braces for 2 arches From £3000 £3500
Full Invisalign for 1 arch From £3000 £3450
Full Invisalign for 2 arches From £4500 £4500
i7 Invisalign From £1500 £2050
Incognito Braces (Lingual) 1 arch From £4000 £4150
Incognito Braces (Lingual) 2 arches From £5000 £6500
Damon Braces 2 arches From £4000 £4150
Bonded Retainers per arch £250 £250
Removeable Retainers per arch £150 £150
Invisalign Go From £2500 £2500 £35.18 (£2500) Full Invisalign 1 Arch From £3000 £3500 £49.25 (£3500) Full Invisalign Both Arches From £4000 £4500 £49.25 (£4500) i7 Invisalign From £1500 £2050 £28.85 (£2050)

Payment Plans at The Hub Dental Practice

Make your dream smile a reality, with 0% finance now available on a range of treatments

Many of our patients are interested in a particular restorative or cosmetic treatment but worried about how they will afford the costs involved.

Why not find out more about our 0% finance packages- available exclusively at The Hub Dental Practice .

Our life changing treatments really are affordable for everyone. Transform your smile, and your life, without damaging your bank balance.

We can offer 0% finance on a wide range of Hygienist treatments as well as orthodontics, Invisalign, teeth whitening and dental implants.

Our packages will help to break down what can often be a daunting final total into a series of manageable monthly payments.

How you could benefit from our 0% finance packages:

* Spread the cost of your dental treatment with a number of smaller, regular payments made over a period of months to suit you.
* Our packages are interest free. Borrow only what you need and it won’t cost you any extra.
* Avoid unnecessary bank loans or credit cards which could add significant interest.
* Get the treatment you need or want now, with no need to save slowly over several years.
* The application process is easy and can be completed with our help in the practice. * O% finance is available on a wide range of treatments from £600, up to £25,000.

If you would like to find out more please ask us at your appointment or call our reception staff at The Hub Dental Practice on 01908 690326

We offer our Patients a full range of options

Our Patients can Pay by:

* Cash. *

* Debit Cards. *

* Credit Cards. *

* A loan for up to 5 years. (Subject to status) *

* Interest Free Credit. (Subject to status) *

* Bank Transfer. *

Patient Finance and Interest Free Credit

We invite patients for a Private and Free Consultation about Finance.

All Credit Arrangements are

Subject to Credit Checks

Provided through Hitachi Finance UK

Dr David and Mrs Nur Gilmartin is a credit broker

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

that has a commercial relationship with the lender Hitachi Capital UK PLC

Dr David and Mrs Nur Gilmartin is unable to provide independent financial advice

Example of payments at The Hub Dental Practice

Cost of treatmentNumber of monthly payments (Years) Monthly payment Initial Deposit APR Total Payment excluding any deposit
£150012 (1 Year) £125.000% 0% £1500.00
£150024 (2 Years) £67.590% 7.9% £1622.16
£150060 (5 Years) £21.11£450 7.9% £1716.66
£250012 (1 Year) £208.330% 0% £2500.00
£250024 (2 Years) £112.650% 7.9% £2703.60
£250060 (5 Years) £35.18£750 7.9% £2860.80
£400012 (1 Year) £333.330% 0% £4000.00
£400024 (2 Years) £180.240% 7.9% £4325.73
£400060 (5 Years) £56.28£1200 7.9% £3376.93


Patients with Insurance pay The Hub Dental Practice and then claim it back.

We will give receipts and help with filling in the claim forms.