Dentures in Milton Keynes
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Same Day Denture Repair Service

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Same Day New Denture Service

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Implant Retained Dentures

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Natural teeth may have been lost due for many reasons, such as caries (dental decay), periodontal (gum) disease, or trauma. For people who are already edentulous (i.e. have no natural teeth), the objectives of prosthetic treatment are generally to improve: speech, appearance, chewing and biting, comfort and the ability to laugh, shout, kiss, etc., without the Denture becoming dislodged.

We offer a compete range of choices from simple temporary dentures completed in one day to implant retained dentures

The Main Denture Problems
We Can Solve:

•Movement and Looseness
•Discomfort and Soreness
•Poor appearance

Broken Dentures

Lost Dentures

We provide dentures in 2 ways:

By a Dentist
By a Clinical Dental Technician

Main Types of Dentures

1. All Plastic Dentures
2. Flexible Plastic Dentures
3. Precious Metal Fabricated Precision Dentures
4. Denture Supported Mini Implants and Dentures

Time Scales for New Dentures

For smaller straight forward dentures, up to 3 teeth, it is possible to have a new denture the same day.

However for most new dentures it is usually between 1 week and 2 weeks.

For Chrome Cobalt dentures it is usually between 3 week and 4 weeks

Costs for New Dentures

Full Upper and Full Lower Dentures £1000
Full Upper or Full Lower Dentures £800
Upper or Lower Chrome Cobalt Dentures £950
Upper or Lower Metal Free Dentures £750
Temporary Upper or Lower Dentures From £500
Denture additions From £125
Dentures Repairs From £125

Time Scales for Denture Repairs

For straight forward Repairs and additions: Between 1 and 2 Hours..

Allowing patients to avoid taking time off work and social embarrassment.

Costs for Denture Additions and Repairs

Denture Additions From £125
Dentures Repairs From £125