The Hub Dental Practice

More than 25,000 patients trusted us with their dental care in the last 12 months.

* We are Milton Keynes's Largest Private Dental Practice. *

* We are Milton Keynes's Largest Private Dental Referrals and Emergency Dental Practice. *

* We provide Invisalign and Dental Implants 7 Days a week. *

* We see patients from almost every practice in Milton Keynes. *

* We have 12 Treatment rooms including a dedicated Surgical Suite for Dental Implants, Periodontal Treatments and Oral Surgery procedures. *

* We offer a full range of High Quality and affordable Dental Care. *

* Your Full Dental Examination is just £25.00. Small Xrays are £9.00 each *

* We are open 7 days a week. *

* We offer Dental Sedation from a Medically Qualified Sedationist 7 days a week. *

* We have been open every day since the practice started at The Hub in 2011. *

* We have Free and covered parking within 1 minutes walk. *

* We offer Early Morning and Late Evening Appointments. *

* We offer Week End Appointments EVERY WEEK END!!. *

* We offer a choice of 9 male and 10 female Dentists. *

* We offer a choice of Specialist and General Dentists. *

* We send every patient's dental x-rays by email as soon as they are taken. *

* We offer a 24hour Emergency Dental Service.

* Our Emergency Dental Service provided Emergency Dental Care for over 6000 patients in the last year *

* We achieved the Top Standards required by the CQC and much more as well!! *

* We welcome feedback from patients, as we are always striving to meet our patient's high expectations. *

One Stop Dentistry

Patients like to feel that their dentist is part of a team of clinicians who together offer the full range of care all in the same practice.

Most patients have a range of dental issues, so for example we have dental hygienists working everyday. This enables us to offer combined checkups and Hygienist visits 7 days week.

Working within a large clinical team means that many of our patients get a second opinion and the oportunity to have dental care from a clinician with expertise related to their treatment

We have developed a Centre of Excellence for

Orthodontic treatment, including clear and removable Orthodontic Braces
Root Canal Treatment under microscope and Rubber Dam
Periodontal Treatments, with Specialist and Dental Hygienists care 7 days a week.
Dental Implant Treatments that are affordable.
Oral Surgery, with several very experienced dentists who have performed 10's of 1000's of Tooth Extractions and other Surgical procedures.

We have invested in the latest facilities for modern dentistry.

All our treatment chairs have complete Disabled access.

All the rooms in our practice are fully ventilated with the latest heat exchange units and digitally controlled air conditioning.

We have invested in the latest facilities for modern dentistry.

In the last 2 years we have installed the very latest and safest 3D Digital CT Scan X-ray imaging system.

We have 2 dedicated treatment rooms for Root Canal Treatment with the latest Zeiss Microscopes which allow the very latest digital microscopy.

Dental Materials are improving all the time, and those practice that are prepared to invest can offer treatments that were unimaginable a few years ago.

Almost all of our fillings are the very latest Composites and we complement these by using the most up to date adhesives and sealants.

Our Practice is committed to offering the very best materials and techniques.

Because we have such a large dental team we are able to offer individual treatments by dentists who are expert in that field.

We answer the phone every day of the week, and it will be one of our own Dentists or Dental Nurses so you will be able to get the right answer and/or advice straight away!!

Does Size Matter?

We think it does matter.

We believe that what patients want is great patient care, delivered by their own dentist.

With the rapid advances in materials, techniques and equipment only a practice that is constantly making large investments can keep up. And this almost always mean a larger practices with the means to be constantly investing and future proofing.

A good example is Dental Imaging and Xrays.

We have the very latest 3D CT Scan, and this affords us the lowest dosages possible, it also gives us the best images for treatment planning.

We have a very busy CT Scan referral centre at the practice, offering not just the very lowest dosages but also at the most affordable costs.

Having 19 experienced dentists means that our patients have easy access to a second opinion.

We have 10 female dentists and 9 male dentists, more than half of our dentists either have or are doing their masters degree.

Almost all of our patients have their own dentist.

So we believe that being BIG means that our patients benefit in every way.